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ILSI SEA Region Newsletter l October 2024
ILSI Annual Meeting 2024
Seminar on Integrating Nutrition and Food Processing for Healthy Food Choices: Science, Technology and Consumer Guidance
1st Asian Life Sciences Institutes Network (ALSIN) Meeting

ILSI SEA Region Newsletter l October 2023
ILSI SEA Region Annual Meeting 2023 and and Science Symposium
ILSI Symposium at the Asian Congress of Nutrition 2023
12th Nutrition labeling and Claims Seminar

ILSI SEA Region Newsletter l April 2023
ILSI Federation Sustainable Nutrition Newsletter
21st IUFoST World Congress Science Sessions
ReThink Protein Needs and Dietary Shifts in Southeast Asia

ILSI SEA Region Newsletter l June 2022
ILSI SEA Region Annual Meeting 2022
ILSI's Global Rebranding
Collaborative project with the National Institute of Nutrition Vietnam and the University of Leeds

Science InSight (May 2021)

Science InSight, May 2021
Nutrients for Optimal Health and Science Communication;
Food Additives: A Closer Look at Flavors; Science and Sensory Attributes behind Saccharides 

ILSI SEA Region Newsletter (Nov 2021)

ILSI SEA Region Newsletter l November 2021
The Future for Sustainable Food Systems
Science and Research Integrity in SE Asia
Optimizing Health, Wellness and Human Potential

Science InSight (2020)

Science InSight, August 2020
Highlights: Food Fortification; Food Packaging; ILSI SEA Region COVID-19 Webinars

Science InSight (2019)

Science InSight, September 2019
Highlights: Personalized Nutrition; Smart Eating; Asian Congress of Nutrition 2019; Physical Activity

Science InSight, April 2019
Highlights: New Technologies and Paradigms in Nutrition and Food Safety; Updates on Maternal Nutrition and Birth Outcomes in Southeast Asia; Sustainable Food Systems and Impact on Nutrition Security

Science InSight (2018)

Science InSight, October 2018
Highlights: Transformation Technologies and Translational Research - Advancing into the Future; Nutrition Labeling and Claims - Updates from Southeast Asia; Food Additives - Global Perspectives on Safety Evaluation and Use; Food Composition Database - Development and Evaluation

Science InSight, April 2018
Highlights: Diabetes - Current Science and Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Prevention and Management; Healthy Aging - Role of Nutrition; Prebiotics & Probiotics - Promoting Gut Microbiota and Health; Nutrition, Food Safety and Regulatory Issues - Meeting Scientific Challenges