ILSI SEA Region's bi-annual newsletter, Science InSight, gives you an overview and updates on the organization's many programs.

Science InSight, September 2019
Highlights: Personalized Nutrition; Smart Eating; Asian Congress of Nutrition 2019; Physical Activity

Science InSight, August 2020
Highlights: Food Fortification; Food Packaging; ILSI SEA Region COVID-19 Webinars

Science InSight, April 2019
Highlights: New Technologies and Paradigms in Nutrition and Food Safety; Updates on Maternal Nutrition and Birth Outcomes in Southeast Asia; Sustainable Food Systems and Impact on Nutrition Security

Science InSight, October 2018
Highlights: Transformation Technologies and Translational Research - Advancing into the Future; Nutrition Labeling and Claims - Updates from Southeast Asia; Food Additives - Global Perspectives on Safety Evaluation and Use; Food Composition Database - Development and Evaluation

Science InSight, April 2018
Highlights: Diabetes - Current Science and Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Prevention and Management; Healthy Aging - Role of Nutrition; Prebiotics & Probiotics - Promoting Gut Microbiota and Health; Nutrition, Food Safety and Regulatory Issues - Meeting Scientific Challenges

Science InSight, October 2017
Highlights: Maternal Nutrition & Health; Food Additives; Sustainable Food Supply; Dr. Dave Roberts Award in Food & Nutritional Science

Science InSight, April 2017
Highlights: 4th Asia-Pacific International Food Safety Conference & 7th Asian Conference on Food and Nutrition Safety; Drivers of Consumer Food Choices; Nanomaterials in Food and Beverage; Healthy Aging; ILSI Annual Meeting 2017

Science InSight, October 2016
Highlights: Global Food Safety Partnership Food Chemical Risk Assessment Training; Sustainable Food Security Role of Genetics and New Technologies Gut Health; New Frontiers in Diet, Gut Microbiome and Health; Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition Updates from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar

Science InSight, April 2016
Highlights: Food and Nutrition Security, 2015 Philippines Dietary Reference Intakes, Health Promotion on healthier diets through food innovations and renovations, Food Composition Data in ASEAN

Science InSight, October 2015
Highlights: Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition; Nutrition Labeling, Claims and Communication Strategies; Consumer Science and Behaviors; Sustainability, Genetics and New Technologies; Food Safety

Science InSight, April 2015
Highlights: Scientific Substantiation of Claims; Vitamin D in Nutrition and Health Status; Genetically Engineered Crops Containing Stacked Traits; Allergies, Intolerance and Hypersensitivity

Science InSight, October 2014
Highlights: Gut Microbiota; Food Safety Standards; Maternal and Young Child Health; Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics

Science InSight, April 2014
Highlights: ASEAN Food Consumption Data and Exposure Assessment; Physical Activity and Exercise across the Lifespan; Gut Microbiota; Vitamin D and Health

Science InSight, November 2013
Hightlights: 20 Year Anniversary; Infant and Young Child Nutrition; Micronutrient Fortification

Science InSight, April 2013
Highlights: 6th Asian Conference of Nutrition and Food Safety; Food Safety Capacity Building; Healthy Aging

Science InSight, October 2012
Hightlights: Food Safety in Asia; Early Cognitive Development; Salt Intakes

Science InSight, March 2012
Highlights: Food Consumption Data; Food Labels and Claims; Vitamin D

Science InSight, August 2011
Highlights: Carbohydrates in the Asian Diet; Infant and Child Nutrition

Science InSight, January 2011
Highlights: Cognitive Function through the Lifecycle; Stacked Events in GM Crops; Food-based Dietary Guidelines

Science InSight, August 2010
Highlights: Obesity; Brain and Gut Health; Food Safety Standards; Saturated and Trans Fat