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ILSI SEA Region Newsletter (Nov 2021)

ILSI SEA Region Newsletter l November 2021
Highlights: The Future for Sustainable Food Systems
Science and Research Integrity in SE Asia
Optimizing Health, Wellness and Human Potential

Science InSight (2021)

Science InSight, May 2021
Highlights: Nutrients for Optimal Health and Science Communication;
Food Additives: A Closer Look at Flavors; Science and Sensory Attributes behind Saccharides 

Science InSight (2020)

Science InSight, August 2020
Highlights: Food Fortification; Food Packaging; ILSI SEA Region COVID-19 Webinars

Science InSight (2019)

Science InSight, September 2019
Highlights: Personalized Nutrition; Smart Eating; Asian Congress of Nutrition 2019; Physical Activity

Science InSight, April 2019
Highlights: New Technologies and Paradigms in Nutrition and Food Safety; Updates on Maternal Nutrition and Birth Outcomes in Southeast Asia; Sustainable Food Systems and Impact on Nutrition Security

Science InSight (2018)

Science InSight, October 2018
Highlights: Transformation Technologies and Translational Research - Advancing into the Future; Nutrition Labeling and Claims - Updates from Southeast Asia; Food Additives - Global Perspectives on Safety Evaluation and Use; Food Composition Database - Development and Evaluation

Science InSight, April 2018
Highlights: Diabetes - Current Science and Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Prevention and Management; Healthy Aging - Role of Nutrition; Prebiotics & Probiotics - Promoting Gut Microbiota and Health; Nutrition, Food Safety and Regulatory Issues - Meeting Scientific Challenges