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ILSI Newsletter on Food Contaminants


In June 2023, ILSI published its Newsletter on Food Contaminants, providing an overview of upcoming, current and recent ILSI activities around the globe in the field of food contaminants, while highlighting the importance of food safety in efforts to improve food security and health.
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ILSI 2024 Annual Meeting


ILSI's 2024 Annual Meeting with the theme, "Technologies and Climate Change: Shaking up 21st Century Food Systems – Promises and Pitfalls," will feature timely and important presentations of prominent researchers and renowned experts on food technologies and innovations, such as nutrition for healthy aging, utilizing artificial intelligence to improve food systems, and sustainable food practices to help feed future generations in the midst of global climate change. Read More


April 27-28, 2023 | Singapore


ILSI Southeast Region marked the happy occasion of its 30th Anniversary and held its 2023 Annual Meeting from April 27 – 28 in Singapore. This year’s event saw a gathering of many Members, Board of Directors, Science Advisors and Staff who celebrated ILSI SEA Region’s achievements over the years. The occasion was also marked by a session of Special Lectures on Nutrition and Genomics – Future of Precision Nutrition, as well as presentations on ILSI’s Global Research Program, and ILSI SEA Region’s initiatives to Strengthen Collaborative Science Across the Region. A Science Symposium on ReThink Nutrient Recommendations for Optimizing Health and Harmonizing Approaches was held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting. Read more

June 9, 2023 | Biopolis, Singapore

Integration of Food Science and Nutrition to Improve Global Health

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This one-day symposium was organized in celebration of a longstanding collaboration between ILSI SEA Region and Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), bringing together eminent global scientists, academic and industry leaders, experts and partners from Singapore and across the world to deliberate on the pivotal role of food science and nutrition in the global pursuit of improved health. Read more

July 20, 2023 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

12th Seminar on Nutrition Labeling and Claims

Nutrition labels and claims play a crucial role in communicating with consumers about the nutritional quality of a food product, providing essential information that helps consumers make informed and healthier choices when purchasing and consuming food. This seminar co-organized by ILSI SEA Region, the International Food Safety Training Centre (IFSTC), Ministry of Health, Malaysia and the Nutrition Society of Malaysia provided updates on developments and changes in nutrition labeling, nutrition and health claims regulations as well as front-of-pack labeling and related issues in Southeast Asia and other regions. It also discussed the regulatory status of non-nutritional food components and harmonization efforts on nutrition labeling in ASEAN, as well as scientific substantiation and harmonization opportunities for nutrition and health claims in Southeast Asia. Read more

September 16, 2023 | Chengdu, China

ILSI Symposium at Asian Congress of Nutrition 2023

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Since 2022, ILSI SEA Region has initiated and organized a number of meetings on the topic of Protein Science. To continue this dialogue , as well as delve into the discussion on Micronutrient fortification, ILSI Global and ILSI SEA Region collaborated to host a Science Symposium on Rethink Protein Needs and Micronutrients Fortification in Asia – Nutrition, Health, Innovation and Regulation during the 14th Asian Congress of Nutrition (ACN) in 2023, held in Chengdu, China. Read more

May 9, 2023 | Virtual

Asia Codex Initiatives - 2nd SEA Codex Contact Points Round Table


In collaboration with the Global Food Regulatory Science Society (GFoRSS), a 2nd roundtable discussion was organized among Southeast Asian countries to continue the discussion on the Asia Codex Initiative aimed at enhancing coordination among the Codex Committees of Asia member countries for more effective participation in the meetings of various Codex Committees.
Read more about the Asia Codex Initiative here


Updated Report on Regulatory Status of Micronutrient Fortification in Southeast Asia

April 2023

First published in 2011 and updated in 2020, this latest edition published in 2023 provides a summary of micronutrient fortification regulations in Southeast Asia, including mandatory and voluntary fortification programs, and regulations for fortification and health claims. Read more about this updated monograph report here.

Nutrition and Healthy Ageing in Asia: A Systematic Review

July 2023


supported by One ILSI Healthy Aging Project, In collaboration with YYL School of Medicine, National University of Singapore
This publication reviewed several prospective cohort studies that evaluated the associations of intake of a single food or consumption of a single nutrient at midlife; adherence to various dietary patterns at midlife; and improved adherence to dietary patterns from mid- to late life with the likelihood of healthy ageing and its components, including cognitive function, physical function, and depression. Read More

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Webinar on Revisiting Food Fortification - Needs, Impact, and Opportunities

November 28, 2023

Philippines (Virtual)


Food fortification has been identified as one of the most cost- effective nutrition interventions in the prevention and control of diseases related to micronutrient deficiency. As food fortification programs expand, there will be increasing need to evaluate their contribution to the alleviation of micronutrient deficiencies and monitor the quality of the fortified foods. This webinar will discuss food fortification programs in the Philippines, regulatory implications, issues and prospects, updates on recent food fortification studies, and experiences of the industry in food fortification efforts of the government.

Seminar on Integrating Nutrition and Food Processing for Healthy Food Choices: Science, Technology and Consumer Guidance

December 4-5, 2023

Jakarta, Indonesia


This 2-day seminar will share the latest science and technology on food processing for the development of healthy food products, that not only meet consumers’ nutritional needs, but can also optimize health. It also aims to increase awareness and understanding among stakeholders in Indonesia of the importance of nutrient profiling and healthier choice programs for the prevention of non-communicable diseases, addressing implementation challenges and strategies.

More information will be shared soon.


Update on Flavour Science - Application and Regulation

November 23, 2023

Bangkok, Thailand

Food Crop Plant Protection: Recent Advances, Best Practices and Future Directions for Sustainable Food Systems

November 28-29, 2023

Hanoi, Vietnam

In collaboration with CropLife Asia, the Plant Protection Research Institute (PPRI), and Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences

More information on these meetings will be available soon.

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