Since 2005, ILSI SEA Region NewsFlash has provided its subscribers with pertinent scientific updates in nutrition, food innovations and safety issues through concise headlines and summaries of significant findings of Asian relevance and interest in the News & Scientific Research on a bi-monthly basis. The NewsFlash also highlights upcoming ILSI and ILSI SEA Region programs, as well as provides summary of ILSI SEA Region’s latest meetings/activities in the ASEAN and Australasia region.

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COVID-19 Supplementary Issue

COVID-19 Supplementary July Issue (III)
Focus: Food System Resilience and Sustainability

COVID-19 Supplementary October Issue (IV)
Focus: Nutrition, Health, COVID-19 Updates & Research

NewsFlash Issues

Dec 2020 - Jan 2021 Issue
Focus: Nanotechnology in Food

Feb - Mar 2021 Issue
Focus: Nutrition and Health

Mar - Apr 2020 Issue
Focus: Micronutrients and Immunity

Sep - Dec 2019 Issue
Focus: Food Packaging

Jun - Jul 2019 Issue
Focus: Physical Activity

January - March 2019 Issue
Focus: Risk Communication

June-July 2018 Issue
Focus: Food Additives

March-May 2018 Issue
Focus: Gut Microbiome

October-December 2017 Issue
Focus: Sustainable Food Systems

June-July 2017 Issue
Focus: Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition

March-May 2017 Issue
Focus: Food Exposure Assessment

January-February 2017 Issue
Focus: Drivers of Food Choices

November-December 2016 Issue
Focus: Food Safety

July-September 2016 Issue
Focus: Gut Microbiome

May-June 2016 Issue
Focus: Safety of Novel Foods & Ingredients

January-February 2016 Issue
Focus: Thalassemia and Iron-Deficiency Anemia

October-December 2015 Issue
Focus: Microbiological Food Safety

August-September 2015 Issue
Focus: Sugar and Sweeteners

June-July 2015 Issue
Focus: Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition Security

April-May 2015 Issue
Focus: Consumer Science and Communication

February/March 2015 Issue
Focus: Food Allergens

November/December 2014 Issue
Focus: Metabolomics and Nutrigenomics

September/October 2014 Issue
Focus: Food Additives

July/August 2014 Issue
Focus: Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition

May/June 2014 Issue
Focus: Nanotechnology

April 2014 Issue
Focus: Obesity Prevention

March 2014 Issue
Focus: Microbiological Food Safety

December 2013 Issue
Focus: Dietary Exposure Assessment

November 2013 Issue
Focus: Non-Communicable Diseases

October 2013 Issue
Focus: Food Allergens

September 2013 Issue
Focus: Micronutrient Fortification of Foods

August 2013 Issue
Focus: Food Security and Sustainability

July 2013 Issue
Focus: Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition

June 2013 Issue
Focus: Sweeteners

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