Principles for Scientific Integrity

Scientific Integrity is Essential to Developing Sound Science that Benefits Society

The International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) has a commitment to achieve and maintain the highest standards of scientific integrity. It's who we are, and it is inherent in our mission to provide science that improves human health and well-being and safeguards the environment. This means that all of our work adheres to the standards, professional values and practices of the scientific community in any area of research where we are engaged. Living up to this standard means pursuing objectivity, clarity and reproducibility in order to ensure the utility of our scientific and scholarly activities and assessments.

ILSI's commitment to scientific integrity is reflected in a set of Mandatory Policies. These policies are binding on all of ILSI's affiliated Entities and address the selection of scientific programs as well as their development and conduct.

Objectively Designed

Scientific research must be factual, transparent, and designed objectively with robust hypotheses.

Under Control of Scientific Investigators

Both the study design and the research itself must always be under the control of the scientific investigators.

No Remuneration

Scientific investigators must not be offered or accept remuneration geared to the outcome of the research project.

Freedom to Publish

ILSI entities must ensure that investigative teams have the freedom to publish research results without interference.

Full Disclosure

ILSI entities must require full disclosure of all financial interests of scientific investigators in publications and conference presentations.

No Undisclosed Authorship

ILSI entities must not participate in undisclosed paid authorship arrangements in industry-sponsored publications or presentations.

Accessibility to All Data

ILSI entities  must guarantee accessibility to all data and control of statistical analysis by investigators and appropriate auditors/reviewers.

Transparency of Affiliation

ILSI requires academic researchers who also act as contract researchers to clearly state their affiliations and publish under the auspices of the organization they are working for when undertaking studies.

We know that reliable science, produced through transparent and robust research processes is the best way to accomplish our mission to ensure human health and well being and safeguard the environment. Our commitment to scientific integrity reflects that this is a fundamental value for ILSI as a global organization. We will continue to enhance our processes to ensure that the science we produce and support is able to achieve the public service mission of the ILSI organization.

ILSI SEA Region Scientific Integrity Working Group (SIWG) has been established in March 2020 and start work to raise awareness and cooperation on these scientific integrity issues. SIWG aims to focus on :

  • fundamental principles and educating the researchers, whistleblowers, and also the policymakers on scientific integrity
  • developing a series of actions to ensure progress increased awareness and adoption of scientific integrity in SEA region.
Prof. Lynne Cobiac, 
CSIRO, Australia.

Prof. Lynne Cobiac, CSIRO, Australia.


WG Member
Prof. Sushila Chang, Griffith University, Australia.

Dr. Lay Ching Chai

WG Member
Dr. Lay Ching Chai, University of Malaya, Malaysia.

Mr. Geoff Smith

WG Member
Mr. Geoffry Smith, ILSI SEA Region, Singapore.

Mrs Yeong Boon Yee

WG Member
Mrs. Boon Yee Yeong, ILSI SEA Region, Singapore.

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