8th Scientific Seminar on Food Innovation/Renovation for Healthier Food Choices: Approaches for Effective Implementation

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel


In Malaysia, various national action plans have also highlighted the importance of food innovation/renovation to make healthier food choices available to the consumer. A great deal of emphasis has also been given to ensuring that the public has access to nutrition information. The National Plan of Action for Nutrition of Malaysia and the National Strategic Plan for Non-Communicable Diseases have outlined various key programmes and activities to achieve these two objectives.

This one-day seminar discussed industry efforts to innovate/ renovate processed foods to provide healthier alternatives to the public, including the successes and challenges. The Seminar also focused on consumer awareness and acceptance of healthier food choices. Jointly organised by an International Non-Governmental Organisation and key national food and nutrition professional bodies, it was a response to the call for all stakeholders to support and strengthen government efforts in implementing global and national strategies and action plans to promote healthy diets. The seminar provided a platform for all stakeholders to discuss best ways forward to enable food innovation and renovation to progress and be accepted by consumers, contributing towards the overall national strategy to reduce risk of NCDs and promote optimal nutrition of Malaysians.


This one-day seminar aimed to:

  • Emphasise the importance of healthy diets and physical activity in reducing risk of non-communicable diseases
  • Characterize the gut microbiome and its variation depending on genetic and environmental factors
  • Discuss the role that food innovation and renovation can play in providing healthier processed food choices to consumers and identify achievements and challenges in this area
  • Understand consumer perception and acceptance of healthier food choices
  • Provide a platform for discussing effective approaches to food innovation and renovation and consumer acceptance of these products


ILSI SEA Region Malaysia Country Committee


Nutrition Society of Malaysia and Malaysian Institute of Food Technology (MIFT)


The program is available here.


The summary report is available here.


Promoting Healthy Diets – Role of Food Innovation & Consumer Education
Dr. Tee E Siong, ILSI SEA Region, Malaysia

Food Innovation and Renovation: Government Perspectives and Expectations
Ms. Rokiah Don, Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Food Innovation: The Lifeblood of a Food Technologist
Prof. Aminah Abdullah, Malaysian Institute of Food Technology (MIFT)

Food Innovation & Renovation: Success Stories and Key Challenges
Ms. Koo Pei Fern, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers Malaysian Food Manufacturing Group (FMM MAFMAG), Malaysia

Promoting Healthy Eating among Consumers – Perspective from Nutrition Society of Malaysia
Prof. Norimah A. Karim, Nutrition Society of Malaysia, Malaysia

Nutrition Promotion: Industries’ Contributions and Key Considerations
Ms. Koo Pei Fern, FMM MAFMAG, Malaysia

Consuming Health: Drivers of Attitudes towards Healthy Eating and Packaged Foods
A/Prof. May O. Lwin, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

Consumer Understanding and Acceptance of Healthier Food Choices
Mr. Ch’ng Oon Teong, TESCO, Malaysia