Seminar on Sustainable Food Security in ASEAN – Role of Genetics and New Technologies (Singapore)

Exploration Auditorium, Matrix Building, Level 4, Biopolis, Singapore
8:00 am – 3:30 pm


In view of the recent establishment of the ASEAN Community on December 31, 2015, ASEAN Member States have laid out its common vision for sustainable agriculture and food security in the region through the ASEAN Integrated Food Security Framework and Strategic Plan of Action for Food Security for 2015- 2020. One of the key elements highlighted in the Framework and Plan of Action is the promotion of sustainable food production, such as by adopting new agricultural technologies to improve productivity and efficiency, reduce post-harvest losses, address climate change, as well as enhance nutrition.

To facilitate the adoption of these new agricultural technologies, it is important that key stakeholders along the value chain, including technology providers, food transporters, food processors, as well as the regulatory authorities, are aware of new technological developments and their potential implication on their respective responsibilities.


This seminar aims to facilitate dialogue between the various stakeholders and share the latest information on advancements in agricultural technologies as a first step in working towards the successful adoption of new technologies to achieve sustainable food security in ASEAN


ILSI SEA RegionAACCI International


U.S. Department of Agriculture, Genetic Modification Advisory Committee, Singapore


The program and e-flyer is available here.


The summary report is available HERE.


Challenges for ASEAN Agriculture and Food Security
Prof. Paul Teng, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Challenges for Agriculture and Food Production – Understanding Plant Pathology
Prof. Timothy Murray, Washington State University, USA

Crop Protection Solutions – Current and Future Technologies
Mr. Sean Roberts, Syngenta, Singapore

A Modern Plant Breeder’s Toolbox – Current Technologies
Dr. Anne Bridges, AACC International, USA

A Modern Plant Breeder’s Toolbox – Upcoming Technologies
Prof. Les Copeland, University of Sydney, Australia

Meeting the Challenges: Managing Food Ingredients from Multiple Sources – Grain Handler’s Perspective
Mr. Jonathan Fischer, Cargill, USA

Meeting the Challenges: Managing Food Ingredients from Multiple Sources – Food Manufacturer’s Perspective
Dr. Allan Lim, Nestle, Singapore

Perspectives on Regulation of Technologies for Food Crop Improvement
Dr. Janet Gorst, FSANZ, Australia