Seminar on 2015 Philippines Dietary Reference Intakes

Makati City, Philippines
Hotel Intercontinental Manila


Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) are a set of guidelines for the daily intake of energy and nutrients and other food components (as fiber) that include recommended daily allowances, adequate daily intake values for energy and nutrients, and tolerable upper level values of daily intake. Some of the ways DRIs can be used are in assessing people’s nutrients intakes, planning diets, and developing appropriate nutrition education materials for individuals or population groups. Recently, the Food and Nutrition Institute of the Department of Science and Technology led the formulation of the 2015 Philippine DRI by an expert committee from various institutions to seek the revision of the 2002 Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake (RENI). It is important therefore that the revised recommendations be disseminated among, and discussed by, stakeholders from government, industry, academics and researchers, to understand the concepts, principles and basis for revision and its application in policy and program formulation.


This one-day seminar aimed to:

  • Explain the principles, concepts and processes that went into the formulation of the 2015 Philippine Dietary Reference Intakes (PDRI);
  • Discuss the uses and applications of the various components of the PDRI and how they may be employed by institutions, professionals and the general public;
  • Point out the major differences between the 2015 PDRI and the 2002 RENI and their scientific basis;
  • Discuss the implications of the 2015 PDRI to the government’s food, nutrition and regulatory policies, and to the food industry.


ILSI SEA Region Philippine Country Committee


Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) and Philippine Chamber of Food Manufacturers Inc.


The summary report is available here.


The 2015 PDRI: Principles, Concepts and Processes of its Formulation
Dr. Rosario S. Sagum, FNRI

Comparison of the 2015 PDRI and 2002 RENI
Dr. Ma. Regina Pedro, 2015 PDRI Committee

The 2015 PDRI: Uses and Applications of Estimated Average Requirement, Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake, and Upper Limit
Mr. Carl Vincent Cabanilla, FNRI

Implication of the 2015 PDRI to Government’s Food and Nutrition Policies and Programs
Ms. Maria Lourdes A. Vega, Philippine National Nutrition Council

Application of the 2015 PDRI to Nutrition Label Regulations in the Philippines
Ms. Christian Grace B. Estimada, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Implication of the 2015 PDRI to the Food Industry
Ms. Elizabeth M. De Leon-Lim, Philippine Chamber of Food Manufacturers Inc.