Seminar on Precision Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Diet

Quezon City, Philippines


The symposium will highlight the different technologies in agriculture which may contribute to sustainable food systems and nutrition security. How technology is being harnessed in the food supply chain, and how the digital relation of agriculture is facilitating the change from physical- based farming to knowledge-based farming will be elaborated. Coupled with innovations in robotics, pesticide control and food technology, more diverse food is becoming available to meet the nutrition needs of an urbanizing world. The symposium will also highlight the challenges in achieving nutrition by following the Lancet series as a possible tool towards improving food quality or diet quality.


• Discuss conventional and new technologies employed towards sustainable agriculture
• Address emerging scientific issues on agricultural sustainability and nutrition security in the region and in the country
• Promote an enabling environment for the safer use of new agri-food productive technologies that may address food and nutrition security concerns


The program is available HERE