International Conference on Mycological Aspects of Food and Feed Safety

Yogyakarta, Indonesia
27/06/2013 – 28/06/2013


Mold and mycotoxin contamination of agricultural commodities is a major problem in many countries in the world. Various types of mold are able to grow and produce mycotoxin in both tropical and subtropical regions. Surveys have been conducted related to mold and mycotoxin contamination in foodstuffs produced. Research related to the effort to eliminate mycotoxin contamination in food is also always updated. Many international agencies are trying to achieve universal standardization of regulatory limits for mycotoxins. Currently, over 100 countries have regulations regarding mycotoxins in the food and feed industries. The economic impact of mycotoxins derive directly from crop and livestock losses as well as indirectly from the cost of regulatory programs designed to reduce risks to animal and human health. Mycotoxins produced by mold have been associated with various diseases. The ability of some mycotoxins to cause cancer and related diseases in humans and animal given their seemingly unavoidable occurrence in foods and feeds make the prevention and detoxification of these mycotoxins one of the most challenging food and feed safety issues of present time.

In conjunction with its 50 anniversary, Faculty of Agricultural Technology Universitas Gadjah Mada, would like to organize International Conference on Mycological Aspects of Food and Feed Safety (IC-MAFFS). ILSI Southeast Asia Region is supporting this important conference as the main collaborator.


  • To share the latest science and updates, as well as to review, discuss and address important issues concerning to mycology and mycotoxins and their relation to food and feed safety aspects.


  • Researchers, scientists, academics, officials from international and regional research institutes and government agencies
  • Industrial partners


For further details, please visit the official conference website.