Regional Seminar on Drivers of Consumer Food Choices

Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand
13/03/2018 – 14/03/2018
8:00 am – 2:00 pm


Understanding how consumers make food choices, and why they like what they choose to eat, is of central importance to educators, other healthcare professionals, researchers, policy makers and the food industry. Promoting healthy diets and increased physical activity has been recognized as key to preventing diet-related chronic diseases. A better understanding of the main determinants of food choices will enable us to develop targeted policies and interventions that promote healthier eating patterns. In-depth understanding of drivers of food choices is also essential for developing successful products and services by the private sector, including the food industry.


This 1.5-day regional seminar aims to:

  • Gain insights into the drivers of consumer food choices
  • Understand approaches and methodologies used for the study of consumer food choices
  • Discuss effective ways to communicate to consumers with and educate consumers regarding food choices
  • Provide a platform for discussing ways to improve consumer food choices through a multi-stakeholder approach


  • Understanding Consumer Food Choices
  • Innovation and Renovation to Suit Consumers’ Needs
  • Communicating with Consumers


ILSI SEA Region and ILSI SEA Region Thailand Country Committee


Food Science and Technology Association of Thailand (FoSTAT)


The Program is available HERE


Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit
1 Sukhumvit 22 Klongton, Klongtoey
Bangkok 10110, Thailand


Driving Healthy Food Choices through Public-Private Partnership
Prof. Visith Chavasit, Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University, Thailand

Impact of Socio-Economic Status on Food Choices
Prof. Adam Drewnowski, University of Washington, USA
Presentation not available

Methodologies for Studies on Consumer Food Choices
Prof. Mike Reid, RMIT University, Australia


Cross-Cultural Research in Sensory and Consumer Science: Asian Perspective
Dr. Kannapon Lopetcharat, Nouveau Centric Co., Ltd., Thailand


Influences of Implicit Beliefs about Satiety on Consumer Food Choices and Eating Behaviors
Dr. Bobby Cheon, Clinical Nutrition Research Centre/Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Analyses of Indonesian Food Consumptions: Differences of Rural and Urban Consumers’ Food Choices between 2017 and 2007
Prof. Ujang Sumarwan, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

Food Innovation and Its Challenges
Prof. Pavinee Chinachoti, FoSTAT, Thailand


Consumer’s Perception and Acceptance of Healthier Food Products in Southeast Asia
Mr. Garick Kea, The Nielson Company, Singapore
Presentation not available

Nutrient Profiling for Product Innovation and Reformulation
Mrs. Susan Kevork, Nestle R&D Center, Singapore
Presentation not available

Nutrition Communication through Labeling
Mr. Araya Rojjanawanicharkorn, Food and Drug Administration, Thailand


From Communication to Choice
Dr. Kai Zhong, China Food Information Center, China


Industry’s Efforts in Communicating and Educating Consumers
Dr. Kom Kamonpatana, Unilever Thai Services Ltd., Thailand

Presentation not available