ILSI Satellite Seminar: Climate Change, Nutrition & Health

Tokyo, Japan
9:00 am – 12:30 pm
TKP Tokyo Station Conference Center, Hall 11A, Shin-Makicho Building 11F, 1-8-16 Yaesu Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0028, Japan

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According to the World Resources Institute, global temperatures have risen by 1.1 ºC, with call to limit target increase to within 1.5 ºC goals for 2050, while UNEP is predicting a bleak scenario with temperature rise of 2.4-2.6°C by the end of this century. The just published 2022  Lancet Countdown Report on  Health and Climate Change highlighted the predicament of increased risk of food insecurity, infectious disease transmissions and heat related ailments, putting additional strain on health systems and productivities. as experience by recent global pandemic outbreak, extreme heat waves, increase precipitations and other natural disasters. The potential impact of diet and nutrition in mitigating the effect of climate change such as heat proofing humans and heat stress management is largely underexplored, yet an important area to investigate where strategies have traditionally been focused on the environment, clothing and physiological conditioning.

As the world prepare responses to the ongoing crises, adopting and harnessing various approaches to mitigate the detrimental effect of climate change and carbon emission, a focus on diet and nutrition status, human health and wellbeing must also be prioritized.

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