Science Symposium: ReThink Carbohydrates – Science, Health and Regulatory Development

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel

Header.Rethink Carbohydrates

Over the past 2 decades, advances in scientific research have led to increasing evidence of the beneficial role of complex carbohydrates, in providing important micronutrients, dietary fiber and phytochemical, as well as some with specific components that serve certain functional benefits. In line with these increasing scientific evidence of regulatory development having taken place, especially pertaining to health claims. There is on the other hand on-going scientific debates, popular trends and social media coverage that have centered on the types and amount of carbohydrates intake in relation to health conditions such as overweight, diabetes and hyperlipidemia, etc. with resulting confusion for consumers and misperception of dietary carbohydrates.

This 1-day IN-PERSON symposium will provide an opportunity to re-visit the role of carbohydrates in human nutrition and health, with the latest scientific and regulatory updates from experts, researchers and regional regulatory personnel. It will offer a multi-stakeholder platform to evaluate and discuss the scientific basis and approaches, to identify research gaps, recommend dietary guidance and in development of food regulations in health promotion and disease prevention efforts for the target SEA population.


  • Carbohydrates and Its Role in Human Nutrition and Public Health Guidance
  • Science of Carbohydrate Quality and Its Impact on Health
  • Innovation and Regulatory Updates
  • Public-Private Partnerships for Quality and Functional Carbohydrates: Regulatory Considerations and Labeling Challenges


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