2nd ILSI-CHIP Symposium on Community Health

Sydney, Australia
07/12/2011 – 08/12/2011


In July 2010, the Centre for Health Innovation and Partnership (CHIP) and International Life Sciences Institute Southeast Asian Region (ILSI SEA Region) collaborated on their first Symposium on Community Health - Reducing Obesity in Our Communities: Applying Global Experiences in Healthy Eating and Active Living that was held in Sydney. The Symposium highlighted that drawing public and private organisations and leaders together is a crucial factor to mobilise community initiatives. Public-private partnerships are generating successful healthy eating and active living initiatives to reverse trends towards the greater prevalence of lifestyle related-chronic illness.


The 2nd Symposium to be held in December 2011 will:

  • Update on global and Australian evidence-based best practices for building successful community initiatives through innovative partnerships, food interventions, lifestyles and physical activity, as well as promoting and sustaining healthy eating and active living in households, workplaces and schools.
  • Showcase progress being made and stimulate new opportunities to advance community health and wellbeing initiatives in Western Sydney and New South Wales.
  • Encourage discussion and networking among current and emerging leaders of Community Health and Wellbeing initiatives
  • Identify opportunities to build a Healthy Workforce that adopts prevention of illness and promotion of wellbeing as a core requirement of their job.


Local council members; medical, health and education practitioners; schools and education providers; business councils; nutrition, dietetic and public health professionals; academics and researchers in nutrition; physical activity and lifestyle researchers and practitioners; community program facilitators; food industry; food suppliers and retailers.


Dr. John Foreyt, Baylor College of Medicine, USA
Ms. Debra Kibbe, ILSI Research Foundation, USA
Dr. Deborah Lou, Active Living Research, USA


Plenary Topics

  1. Prevention in State and National Health Reform
  2. Experience in Building Sustainable Healthy Communities
  3. Building a Health Workforce Committed to Prevention
  4. Perspectives on Healthy Communities: Healthy Workers
  5. The Food and Health Dialogue
  6. Perspectives on Healthy Communities: Healthy Children: Transformative Opportunities
  7. Perspectives on Healthy Communities: Making Childhood Obesity Prevention Everybody's Business in Practice
  8. What Have We Learnt?

Concurrent Sessions

  • Community Partnerships for Health: Practical Lessons
  • Urban Design for Health and Wellbeing
  • The Role of Health Professionals in Prevention
  • The Food and Health Dialogue
  • Perspectives on Healthy Communities
  • Perspectives on Healthy Communities: Healthy Children


University of Western Sydney Clinical School
Blacktown Hospital
Sydney, Australia


To download the program, click here.


For further details, please contact:
Annette James, Project Officer
Centre for Health Innovation and Partnership