Symposium on Diabetes – Current Science and Prevention Strategies

Singapore, Singapore
04/10/2017 – 05/05/2017
8:30 am – 5:30 pm


The reported rise in Diabetes Mellitus by UN agencies and government authority in many parts of the world will have a significant impact on health care and economic burden globally. As of 2015, prevalence of diabetes in the Asia Pacific Region is 36.9% of the total number of diabetics in the world, while the prevalence of diabetes among the ASEAN countries ranges from 5% to 9%, with Singapore having the second highest proportion of diabetics among developed countries.

Early detection of diabetes is crucial to delay the progression of diabetes and its effects. Prevention is also vital to reduce the costs and impact of the growing burden of diabetes. On the individual level, diabetes prevention includes having a healthy diet as well as regular physical activity. On the community and national level, it is important to have prevention programs raising awareness of diabetes prevention and detection, and encouraging healthy lifestyle and consumption habits.

In this context, ILSI SEA Region will organize a symposium on Diabetes, with the aim to review the current status, further explore prevention strategies and emerging research findings of type 2 diabetes, facilitate discussion and recommendations on m-stakeholders approach to reduce the burden of this rising phenomenon, especially for the Asian & SEAsia region.


1. Review the status and prevalence of type 2 diabetes and the science behind.
2. To explore prevention and management of type 2 diabetes through various strategies on both individual level and community level.
3. Discuss innovation, emerging science, and a multi-stakeholder approach in the prevention of management of the type 2 diabetes phenomenon


ILSI SEA Region 


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