Workshop on Vitamin D and Health

Jakarta, Indonesia


Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, well known for its role in skeletal health. While Southeast Asian nations are situated near the equator, recent studies in this region have shown that deficiency of this sunshine vitamin is highly prevalent across all age groups, in both urban and rural populations. At the same time, preliminary findings about the non-skeletal benefits of vitamin D have been widely circulated in the past decade.

The US and European countries have recently revised recommendations on vitamin D intake levels in view of these findings, yet expert opinion on the optimal requirement level remains inconsistent. More research and education are clearly required, but more importantly, awareness of Vitamin D deficiency, its health implications and corrective actions need to be raised and addressed in the Southeast Asian region.


  • To identify the knowledge and research gaps of vitamin D in the region
  • To discuss strategies and recommend follow-up actions for regulators in the region

 Attendance to the workshop is by invitation only.