Virtual Conference on Whole Genome Sequencing

Sydney, Australia
28/10/2020 – 29/10/2020
12:30 pm – 2:45 pm
Zoom Meeting


Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is becoming an essential tool in public health and food safety whether used for precision identification of virulent pathogens and food microbial contaminants, understanding genetic changes in pathogens, forensic tracing of public health incidents and food borne illness outbreaks, or developing preventive strategies.

This conference, run over 2 consecutive afternoon sessions, considers the key question - ‘How can this powerful technology further protect public health and address food safety concerns in the 21st century?’ You will hear from leading scientists using WGS daily, in their research and development work. Practitioners will present case studies showing how these evolving technologies can be productively used by industry to inform food safety practice and mitigate food safety risks to protect public health.

International Life Sciences Institute SEAR Australasia (ILSI), the New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre and AIFST are collaborating to showcase the latest in WGS science and implementation practice. Drawing on international expertise and Australasia’s leading researchers and industry practitioners, this conference will not only bring to you the latest science, it will reveal the enormous potential of WGS technology when applied to the critical matters of public health and food safety.

What areas will be covered?
➢ What is WGS? The science essentials of WGS and its role in improving public health and food safety.
➢ How to communicate WGS findings to stakeholders? Key messaging to industry, government, consumers, information flow during a food safety event.
➢ How is it being used today? Speakers will present case studies from public health and the food industry and will discuss how these technologies have been used in both settings.
➢ What are the regulatory implications? A panel will discuss the national, international, legal, and data implications of using this technology.
Who is it for? This conference is a must for professionals from the public health and food industry, science, academia, and government.


Session 1 : October 28, 2020; 12:30PM - 14:45PM Sydney Time (GMT +10)
Using Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) for Better Food Safety and Public Health

Program S1

Session 2 : October 29, 2020; 12:30PM - 14:45PM Sydney Time (GMT +10)
Applying WGS and Communicating to Stakeholders

Session 2_Final Program



AUD $60 per session
AUD $100 for both sessions

For Non-members

AUD $75 per session
AUD $120 for both sessions

Students / Graduate Members

AUD $30 per session
AUD $50 for both sessions

**Please contact for a discount code when you show proof of student status.

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