Symposium on Sugar and Sweeteners: Science, Innovation and Consumer Guidance

Singapore, Singapore
27/10/2015 – 28/10/2015
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

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Sugar serves an important role in imparting sweetness in food. In the form of glucose, it further serves important functional and physiological roles in the body. However, in light of increasing caloric intake and declining energy expenditure, sugar is increasingly seen as one of the main contributors to rising obesity rates in Asia. Concerned international agencies and regional health authorities are therefore recommending measures to substantially lower sugar intake, albeit recognizing the lack of adequate intake data in Southeast Asia.

Low-calorie and non-caloric sweeteners are alternatives to sugar that have the potential to reduce the caloric content of foods. Nevertheless, despite numerous scientific studies and safety evidence, controversies on the use of certain sweeteners remain. Understanding the science, trends, and innovation in utilization may help address issues related to their application and facilitate consumer education and acceptance.


This 1½-day symposium aimed to:

  • Review and discuss the role and current scientific evidence on the health effects of sugar and sweeteners
  • Examine the levels and sources of intakes of added sugar and sweeteners in Southeast Asia
  • Discuss dietary guidelines on sugar consumptions and consumer perceptions of sweeteners in SEA and other countries
  • Explore and identify opportunities and challenges in products innovation for sugar reductions
  • Identify research gaps, limitations of current evidence and recommendation to address for future guidance


ILSI SEA Region 


Clinical Nutrition Research Centre (CNRC) 


The program is available here.


Session 1: Sugar and Sweetness – The Science and Consumption
Perception and Preference for Sweetness and Links to Dietary Behavior
Dr. Ciarán Forde, Clinical Nutrition Research Center (CNRC), Singapore

Physiological and Pathological Effects of Sugars
Prof. Luc Tappy, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Historical and the Traditional Use of Sugar in Southeast Asian Foods – Changes in Transitioning Societies
Professor Emeritus Geok Lin Khor, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia

A Review of Sugar Intake in Southeast Asia – Consumption Levels and Sources of Added Sugar
Dr. Sofia Amarra, ILSI SEA Region, Singapore

Evidence-based Research on Sugars and Health Outcomes and Future Research Needs
Prof. Mei Chung, Tufts University, USA

Dietary Guidelines on Reducing Intake of Free Sugars: Practical Considerations
Dr. E-Siong Tee, TES NutriHealth Strategic Consultancy, Malaysia

Session 2: Low and Non Caloric Sweeteners (LNCS) – The Science and Health Effects
LNCS: Overview, Development Trends and Current Use in Food and Beverages
Prof. Dedi Fardiaz, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

Approaches to Safety Assessment of LNCS – Global Perspectives and Regulatory Development Status
Dr. Paul Brent, Global Food and Chemical Risk Assessment and Risk Management Solutions, Australia

LNCS: Intake Trends, Diet Quality and Health Effects
Prof. Adam Drewnowski, University of Washington, USA

LNCS – Perspectives on Appetite and Weight Management
Prof. France Bellisle, Universite Paris 13, France

Impact of LNCS on Appetite Control and Implications on Innovation (presentation not available)
Dr. Danielle Greenberg, PepsiCo Incorporated, USA

Session 3: From Science to Market – Product Innovation and Consumer Guidance
Food Innovation and Renovation – Government Perspective and Expectations
Ms. Ann Low, Health Promotion Board (HPB), Singapore

Innovative Approach to Reduce Energy Intake and Maintain Satiety Through Enhanced Sensory Properties of Food
Dr. Keri McCrickerd, CNRC, Singapore

Natural Indigenous Sweeteners: Sugar Composition and Glycemic Index
Dr. Trinidad Trinidad, Food and Nutrition Research Institute-Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST), Philippines

Knowledge and Perception on Benefits vs. Risk of Sweeteners among Malaysian Health Professionals (presentation not available)
Prof. Latifah Amin, University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Malaysia

Consumer Perception Regarding Healthier Choice and Use of Sweeteners in Singapore (presentation not available)
Dr. Eunice Pang, HPB, Singapore

Knowledge and Perception on Sweeteners: Singapore Consumer Focus Group Study (presentation not available)
Ms. Pauline Chan, ILSI SEA Region, Singapore

Consumer Education on Sugar Reduction: The Role of Nutrition Society of Malaysia
Dr. Roseline Yap, Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM), Malaysia

Challenges and Opportunities for Product Innovation and Reformulation in SEA – Industry Perspectives
Dr. Olivier Roger, Nestle R&D, Switzerland