Seminar on Scientific Approaches and Regulatory Development: Stacked Traits and Genome Editing

Singapore, Singapore
8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Matrix Building, Biopolis

This is a closed-door meeting organized by the United States Department for Agriculture - Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS), ILSI SEA Region, in collaboration with CropLife Asia and  Genetic Modification Advisory Committee, Singapore.

The aim is to share scientific updates and facilitate stakeholders' engagement and discussion on the development of GM Crops and new plant breeding techniques.

The following topics will be covered at the upcoming meeting in Singapore:

  • Safety Assessment for Stacked Traits: Review Process and Data Requirements for Regulatory Approval by Prof. Dr. Wayne A. Parrott from the University of Georgia, U.S.
  • Japanese Registration for Breeding Stacks by Prof. Dr. Hiroaki Kodama from the Chiba University, Japan
  • Regulatory Perspectives on the Development of Crops Derived from Genome Editing by Dr. Raj Bhula from the Office of Gene Technology Regulator, Australia