Seminar on Food Innovation/Renovation for Promoting Healthy Diets

Bangkok, Thailand
S31 Sukhumvit Hotel



Due to the rising risks of non-communicable diseases in Thailand, the government and the food industry have been actively sourcing for ways to promote healthier diets to consumers. The food industry in particular are working hard to innovate and renovate food products to reduce fat, sugar, and salt content to make healthier food choices available.


This 1-day seminar aimed to:

  • Provide an insight on the rationale and the use of food innovation and renovation technologies to promote healthy diets
  • Discuss the science behind these technologies, and the challenges faced in promoting healthier products to consumers


ILSI SEA Region Thailand Country Committee


Food Science and Technology Association Thailand (FoSTAT)


The program is available here.


The summary report is available here.


Food Innovation and Renovation: Perspective and Expectation
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Visith Chavasit, Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University (INMU), Thailand

Promoting Healthy Eating and Healthier Food Products in Singapore - A Holistic Approach
Dr. Eunice Pang, Health Promotion Board, Singapore

Impact of LNCS on Appetite Control and Implications on Innovation & Challenges with Sodium and Innovation
Dr. Danielle Greenberg, PepsiCo Inc., USA

Technological Consideration to Develop Healthier IC (Sugar/Fat/SAFA)
Dr. Vera Matz, Refreshment RDC, Unilever, Thailand

Innovative Approach to Reduce Energy Intake and Maintain Satiety Through Enhanced Sensory Properties of Food
Dr. Keri McCrickerd, Clinical Nutrition Research Center, Singapore

Consumer Education for Healthy Food Choices
Dr. Chanida Pachotikarn, INMU, Thailand

Consumer Understanding and Acceptance of Healthy Diets
Ms. Inna Guzik, AC Nielsen Company, Thailand

Panel Discussion and Wrap Up: Collaborative Approach to Food Innovation/Renovation for Promoting Healthy Diets
Moderator: Dr. Anadi Nitithamyong, INMU, Thailand