ILSI SEA Region Science Symposium: From Nutrients to Food Systems – Science and Communication

Sheraton Towers Hotel, Singapore

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We are closely monitoring the latest development on the coronavirus outbreak in Singapore and will update this event page and our social media if there is a change to the event date.



The current global food system has been undergoing a dynamic transformation under the thrust of rapid evolution of technologies and advancing pace of innovations. Concurrently, recognition of widening gaps in nutrition wellbeing across populations in the increasingly urbanized and globalized world has given rise to concerns, on dietary related public health issues, food and nutrition security, as well as environmental sustainability. These have ignited and driven interest and research to improve our food system and in reshaping dietary behaviour, with aims toward achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.

Technological advances in the past decade have also ushered in new media landscape with an array of creative platforms for communication. These have unfortunately become fodders for pseudo-science and misinformation that generate widespread public confusion, misunderstanding and misleading guidance for consumers, especially pertaining to food, nutrition and food supply chain technological innovations.

In this context, this 1-day symposium, 3rd in a series on food and technologies organized by ILSI SEA Region will bring together eminent international and regional experts, from food & nutritional science to health, economic & socio-communication researchers and planner, to share and deliberate on development that will impact our food consumption, preventative health programs and sustainable public health measures.


This 1-day symposium aims to:

  • Explore current nutritional science, continuum from nutrients research to public health guidance
  • Discuss current protein trend, optimal diet and sustainability
  • Gain insights on the emerging research and innovations impacting food systems and approaches to successful translation of research to application
  • Provide guidance and strategies in delivering credible science and mitigating misinformation in the evolving consumer, technology and media landscape
  • Offer an interdisciplinary platform to explore opportunities to attain healthy diets and sustainable food system to fulfil SDGs by 2030