Science Symposium in conjunction with ILSI SEA Region 2023 Annual Meeting – ReThink Nutrient Recommendations for Optimizing Health and Harmonizing Approaches

Singapore, Singapore
2:00 pm – 5:30 pm
JEN Singapore Tanglin, Singapore

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Most countries have established recommended nutrient intake values for use for a variety of food and nutrition programs. These have traditionally been provided as recommended dietary allowances (RDAs), with focus on energy, protein and several vitamins and minerals. They are classically used to ensure adequacy of intake of these nutrients of population groups. While these remain of great importance, especially for developing countries, it has now been observed that certain nutrients, when taken at higher dose above RDA, may confer health benefit(s) beyond prevention of nutritional disorders. It would be important to examine how these levels may provide protective effects against some disease conditions. Understanding and establishing appropriate safe upper limit (UL) of nutrients are also of importance. Additionally, there is growing scientific evidence that bioactive components in foods may provide health benefits beyond classical nutrients. Regulatory authorities have permitted the addition of these components to foods and to make function claims.
This seminar provides a platform to review and deliberate on these various aspects of recommended intake values for nutrients and bioactives. These have important implications and impact on various aspects of food and nutrition activities, including food intake programs, product innovation, food fortification, and supplementation.





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