Mind the Gap – Nutrition Under the Microscope

Sydney, Australia
Holiday Inn Sydney Airport


What are Australians eating and how does this measure up with what they should be eating for good health? Can industry address the gap between the reality of what we eat with the target of eating for optimal health? This meeting took a detailed look at consumption patterns from the latest Australian survey data, assessed the methodology, identified the gaps between what current dietary guidelines recommend and the reality of consumption and identified what initiatives industry might take to address those gaps.


  • Understanding the latest data on food consumption in Australia
  • How do we measure up? What is the divide between actual and theoretical consumption?
  • How do we address the gap?
  • Actions required to achieve success.


ILSI SEA Region Australasia Country Committee


The summary report is available here.


Session 1: What We Know About Food and Nutrient Intake in Australia
Nutrition Information from the Australian Health Survey: Background and Selected Results
Ms. Janis Baines, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, Australia and Mr. Paul Atyeo, Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Australia

Implications for Dietary Guidelines
Prof. Linda Tapsell, Wollongong University, Australia

Review of NRV: Which Nutrients and Why
Prof. Samir Samman, Otago University, New Zealand

Session 2: Mind the Gap – What are the Best Approaches to Bridging the Gap to Help Reduce Diet Related Chronic Disease?
Food and Nutrition Policies – Options for Action
Ms. Holly Jones, Chronic Disease & Food Policy Branch, Commonwealth Department of Health (DOH), Australia

Dietary Behaviour Change: Effective Ways to Change Consumer Behaviour
Prof. Cliona Ni Mhurchu, National Institute for Health Innovation, Auckland University, New Zealand

Food Reformulation - How to Make it Happen
Dr. Elizabeth Dunford, The George Institute for Global Health, Australia

Better Foods for Better Health – Reducing the Regulatory Drag
Dr. Geoffrey Annison, Australian Food & Grocery Council, Australia

Session 3: Food Industry Innovation Case Studies
MasterFoods® - Sodium Reduction Program
Ms. Cindy Code, Mars Food Australia, Australia

Nestlé Case Study: Helping to Bridge the Gap
Ms. Leisa Ridges and Ms Susan Kevork, Nestlé, Australia

Product Innovation for a Healthier Food Supply
Dr. Ingrid Appleqvist, CSIRO Food & Nutrition Flagship, Australia