ILSI SEAR Australasia Gut Microbiota Symposium

Brisbane, Australia
Centre for Nutrition and Food Science, St Leo's College, University of Queensland, College Road, St Lucia, Brisbane, Queensland 4067

Gut Feelings - What Can We Learn From Recent Research on Gut Microbiota?

This event was organized by ILSI SEAR Australasia in collaboration with the Nutrition Society of Australia and supported by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls.


  1. Present an update on the rapidly developing field of the gut microbiome
  2. Provide an understanding of the relevance of the field to nutritionists, health professionals and the food industry
  3. Give relevant examples of the clinical importance of the gut microbiome to health in infants, school children and adults
  4. Discuss the role of probiotics on the immune system
  5. Discuss the importance of food structure on the fermentation by the gut microbiota
  6. Discuss optimising diet for gut health
  7. Consider the relevance of the gut microbiome on obesity and diabetes


The program is available here.


The summary report is available here.


Using and Manipulating the Gut Microbiome for Better Clinical Outcomes: A Gastroenterologist's Perspective
Prof. Peter Gibson, Monash University and Alfred Hospital

The Importance of the Developing Gut Microbiota for the Infant
Prof. Patricia Conway, University of NSW

What Is the Best Diet for Maintaining Optimal Gut Health?
Dr. Jane Muir, Monash University

The Impact of Food Structure on Fermentation by Gut Microbiota
Prof. Mike Gidley, University of Queensland

Defining Gut Microbiome Targets for Management of Obesity and Metabolic Disease
Assoc. Prof. Andy Holmes, University of Sydney