1st ILSI SEAR Philippines Food Safety and Nutrition Assurance Seminar Series

Manila, Philippines


Food Safety and Nutrition in the title emphasizes the basic fact that there can be no good nutrition without food safety. The term Assurance further distinguishes the Series from others, in that the Series is closer to being outcome-based, designed not only to communicate but also to conform to assure food safety and nutrition, from farm-to-table.

The opening topic on epidemiology of food-borne diseases and the closing topic on change of consumer behavior towards improving food safety (next-step actions) can be a complete "take-home" package. Distinguishing between hazards and risks can be a welcome definition of terms to premise the "Best Practices". The risk-based approach to food safety can bridge the various stages in the supply chain such that these "Best Practices" by industry and government on high-risk foods along the supply chain can provide consumers the picture of local food safety assurance, or the lack of it. Emphasizing that the risks at the table, as the most consumer-relevant insight to food safety assurance, can make a compelling program.


This 1-day seminar aims to:

  • Highlight and discuss current epidemiology of different food-borne diseases
  • Present new understanding of current food pathogens
  • Define ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’ in food safety
  • Present government’s efforts and regulations to ensure food products’ quality and safety
  • Share and discuss challenges and opportunities on food safety practices across the food supply chain
  • Discuss current road map and future directions in strengthening food safety culture and in improving food safety in the country


ILSI SEA Region Philippines Country Committee


The seminar will be held at Pan Pacific Manila:
Gen. Malvar St, Malate
1004 Metro Manila, Philippines


The Program is available HERE


The Summary Report is available HERE