Symposium on Scientific Development of Food Packaging: Innovations, Safety and Sustainability

G Hotel Gurney, Penang, Malaysia
24/09/2019 – 25/09/2019

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This Symposium on Scientific Development of Food Packaging:  Innovations, Safety and Sustainability is the first state-of-the science food packaging scientific meeting to be organized by ILSI SEA Region focusing on the topic. It will serve as a regional forum for sharing scientific updates, technological innovations and advancement, to addressing safety, environmental and sustainability concerns while exploring the emerging trends of interest and relevance to all stakeholders. The symposium will bring together international and regional experts; food safety and food packaging professionals; representatives from government and regulatory agencies; as well as academics and researchers from Southeast Asia and other regions. The thematic sessions and presentations will provide insights into the different perspectives, science, and regulatory updates, highlight priority research areas as well as discuss the benefits vs risk paradigm on food packaging and its communication.

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Food packaging plays an integral role in providing safe, nutritious and sustainable food supply to the global consumers. Advances in innovative technologies, changing consumption trends and consumer preferences have led to the development of an array of food packaging material used for food products and by the food services industry. However, there are now increasing awareness and concerns on the development and widespread use of non-degradable food packaging materials that have led to negative environmental impacts. For example, styrofoam boxes, cartons, plastics utensils and polyolefin packaging for retail, ready-to-deliver and ready-to-eat foods from food services and others have resulted in the drastic increase of solid waste in the environment. Concerted efforts are now ongoing by government, industry, and researchers to help address and reduce the utilization and impact of such non-degradable food contact materials.

Along with the emergence and application of packaging technologies, measures and regulations have been established to ascertain the safe uses of food additives and food contact materials by international bodies through agreed safety assessment methods and evaluation processes for adoption by various health authorities. However, there remain wide differences in the regulations associated with food packaging, contaminants, and recyclable food contact materials between regions and among countries. An understanding of these differences and the scientific process used for evaluation and approval would benefit all the stakeholders to ensure our foods are safe and our food supply system remain sustainable.



Program Highlights

Safety Evaluation of Food Contact Materials

Microbial Control for Safe Food Packaging and Innovation

Updates on Food Contact Materials Regulation in Asia Pacific Region

Sustainable Food Packaging

Featured Speakers

Prof. Cristina Nerín

University of Zaragoza, Spain

Dr. Vanee Komolprasert

US FDA, United States

Dr. Barry Fields

FSANZ, Australia


Dr. Haixia Sui

Dr. Haixia Sui

China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, China

Dr. Sylvain Rannou

Nestlé NQAC, Singapore

Dr. Lay Ching Chai

University of Malaya, Malaysia

Dr. Nattinee Bumbudsanpharoke

Yonsei University, Korea

Mr. Henkie Hendra Wibawa

Indonesian Packaging Federation, Indonesia

Mrs. Sumalee Tangpitayakul

Thai Packaging Association, Thailand


Ms. Ruhana binti Abd Latif

Food Safety and Quality Division, MOH, Malaysia


Dr. Marco Zhong Huai Ning

National Reference Laboratory Food Contact Materials, China


Ms. Hiroko Niwa

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), Japan

Mr. Leopoldo Becerra

Mr. Leopoldo Becerra

The Coca-Cola Company, Thailand


Dr. Hayati Samsudin

Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Dr. Sangwoo Cho

Pulmuone Co, Ltd., Korea

Who should attend?

  • Government officials, policy-makers in the areas of food safety and public health
  • Food safety officers, analytical scientists, scientific and regulatory affairs, R&D, packaging experts from the food industry and relevant sectors
  • Research scientists and students

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