9th Scientific Seminar on Drivers of Consumer Food Choices

Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The question that is often asked is: “Why do people eat the foods they do?” People eat to satisfy their hunger. They generally do not consider what foods they need to consume to meet physiological and nutritional needs. Instead, there is a complex mixture of factors driving consumer food choice, including economic, physical, social and psychological determinants.

Understanding how consumers making food choices, and why they like what they choose to eat is of central importance to nutritionists, other healthcare professionals, researchers, policy makers and the food industry. Promoting healthy diets and increased physical activity have been recognized as key to preventing diet-related chronic diseases. A better understanding of the main determinants of food choices will enable us to develop policies and interventions to promote healthier eating patterns. In addition, in-depth understanding on drivers of food choices will be essential in any initiative aimed at developing successful products and services by the private sector, including the food industry.

The high prevalence of non-communicable diseases and their risk factors in this country has been attributed to inappropriate food choices and a sedentary lifestyle. The way forward to arrest the further increase of these diseases among Malaysians is to promote healthy diet through informed food choices. First of its kind in the country, stakeholders involved in promoting healthier diets were invited to further understand the major determinants of food choices among Malaysians.


This seminar aimed to:

  • Gain insights into studies on consumer food choices in Malaysia
  • Share approaches to the study of consumer food choices
  • Review programmes and food regulations in promoting healthier food choices – issues and challenges
  • Provide a platform for discussing ways to improve consumer food choices through a multi-stakeholder approach
  • Identify research gaps in understanding drivers of consumer food choices


ILSI SEA Region Malaysia Country Committee


Nutrition Society of Malaysia


The Program is available HERE.


The summary report is available HERE.


Drivers of Food Choice – Findings from Malaysian Food Barometer
Dr. Elise Line Mognard, Taylor’s University Malaysia, Malaysia

Senses and Food Choices
Dr. Ciaran Forde, Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences, Singapore

Food Labeling and Health Claims – Do They Make a Difference in Consumer Food Choices?
Ms. Fatimah Sulong, Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Innovative Ways to Communicate to Consumers
Ms. Cher Siew Wei, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM)
(Presentation Not Available)

Role of Advertisement in Driving Food Choices
Mr. Khoo Kar Khoon, Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA), Malaysia

How to Use Risk Communication in Affecting Consumers’ Food Choices
Dr. Zhong Kai, China National Centre for Food Safety Risk Assessment

Contribution of Various Stakeholders Towards Promoting Healthy Food Choices
Ms. Zalma Abd Razak, Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Prof. Dr. Norimah A Karim, Nutrition Society of Malaysia, Malaysia

Ms. Shahridah Yusoff, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM), Malaysia