Seminar on Transformation Technologies & Translational Research – Advancing Sustainable Food System & Public Health Solution

Singapore, Singapore


Organizations and research institutes are exploring the use of technology and innovation, including data science and data analytics, where information and insights could be acquired easily. These new and emerging technologies could be applied to many areas such as product development, food security, food safety and even be used to predict chronic disease risk through nutrient intake.


This 1 day seminar aims to:

  • Share and understand new technologies used in agriculture and food suuply chain, climate and environment science, as well as health and biomedical
  • Explore the use of bioinformatics in the area of food engineering, data science and analytics
  • Discuss advancements in research of social and behavioural science
  • Provide a platform to discuss on multi-stakeholder partnerships in the advancement of new technologies

Stay tuned for more information in January!