Symposium on Scientific Development of Food Packaging 2019: Safety, Innovation, and Sustainability

Penang, Malaysia
24/09/2019 – 25/09/2019

Food packaging plays an integral role in the food supply chain. It serves to protect foods from any form of contamination and damage, and help to ease the transportation and distribution of foods. Different types of packaging methods and food contact materials are designed to preserve different types of food. In relation to existing and emerging advances in food packaging technology, the public has raised concerns on the migration of chemical compounds, the safety assessments and regulatory approvals of different food contact materials. Effective risk-benefit communication with the public is therefore essential to ensure that packaging used to preserve foods aligns with public concerns and priorities.

The development of convenient food packaging and new food contact materials have increasingly resulted in negative environmental impacts, such as disposable food packaging, styrofoam boxes, and disposable cutleries. These packagings have resulted in the increase of non-degradable solid waste. The industry and researchers are putting in much effort to address this problem.

The list of approved food additives or food contact materials has been expanding since the emergence and application of packaging technologies. However, the regulation of food contact materials differs from country to country. Therefore, it is important to keep stakeholders updated on the technological advancements and the regulatory status of food contact materials in different regions.

This two-day symposium aims to:

  1. Share information on the technological advancements, innovations, and emerging trends of food packaging
  2. Discuss the safety issues related to food packaging and contact materials
  3. Provide insights about the food packaging on the environment
  4. Update on the regulatory status of food contact material in different regions

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