Science Symposium on Human Variability & Personalized Nutrition – Opportunities for Research, Public Health Benefits and Food Innovation

Singapore, Singapore
Block MD11, CRC Auditorium, National University of Singapore


Human Variability refers to the underlying differences in each individual’s metabolism and nutritional requirements, due to the vast range of genomic and physiological characteristics. Environmental factors also play an important role, including prenatal conditions such as the ethnicity and health status of the mother, and subsequent factors such as diet, health and disease status, geographical location and culture.

In recent years, scientific studies on Human Variability have advanced tremendously, with the “Omics” technologies (metabolomics, genomics, proteomics, etc.) in the forefront. This has led to the development of “personalized or precision medicine” targeted at individuals. There is science now showing potential extension to Personalized Nutrition. These sciences will have a significant impact on the food supply and suppliers, as well as implications for public health.


This 1-day symposium aims to:

  • To share the latest science and research on human variability, health and nutrition requirements of relevance to the Asian population
  • To consider potential applications of personalization of health interventions and products in the fields of food and nutrition
  • To explore opportunities for research, development and innovation in the food supply to achieve individual and public health benefits
  • To discuss issues relating to regulatory framework and oversight, consumer communications and guidance on personalized nutrition


Registration details will be available soon.




Clinical Nutrition Research Center, A*Star, Singapore


Commonwealth Scientific and Research Industrial Organisation (CSIRO), Australia


The program will be available soon.