Seminar on Harnessing New Agriculture & Processing Technologies for Affordable and Sustainable Food Supply

Manila, Philippines
7:30 am – 5:00 pm


ASEAN members States have laid out their common vision for sustainable agriculture and food security in the region through the ASEAN Integrated Food Security Framework and Strategic Plan of Action for Food Security for 2015-2020. This includes the promotion of sustainable food production such as by adopting new agricultural and processing technologies to improve productivity and efficiency, reduce post-harvest losses, address climate change, food safety as well as enhance nutrition. To facilitate the understanding and knowledge dissemination it is important that key stakeholders along the value chain and regulatory authorities gain insight on the advancement of the current and future food agriculture technologies, their potential adoption and impact on the food production chain. This proposed seminar, to be held in Manila, Philippines is the 5th in this topic series that have been held in Singapore, Malaysia in 2016, and in Australia and Indonesia in 2017.


1. To provide the latest updates on the role of agriculture and food processing technologies in contributing to sustainable food production system for benefits across the entire food supply chain

2. To provide an overview of current plant breeding technologies to meet challenges of increasing yields, improving tolerance to plant diseases and enhancing quality of harvested products for improved food and nutrition security and sustainability

3. To discuss the current status on managing new molecular traits, regulation, and authentication in the supply chain for sustainable food supply and nutrition improvement.




US Soybean Export Council (USSEC)