Seminar on Food Safety Risk Communication

Seminar on Food Safety Risk Communication
Bangkok, Thailand
Compass Skyview Hotel


Recent food safety issues have resulted in adverse impacts on consumer confidence in the safety of agri-food production, and the food supply chain. The increasing use of the internet and social media has also led to rising demands from the public for greater transparency in the sharing and communication of information on food safety risks. Relevant authorities are encouraged to assess existing risk communication strategies being applied to food safety and to learn from regional and global best practices to strengthen the effectiveness of their strategies.

Risk communication is a very important component in the food safety risk analysis framework. The main objective of food safety risk communication is to increase understanding among various stakeholders regarding the rationale behind the decisions taken to assess hazards and manage food safety risks, and to help people make more informed judgments about the food safety hazards and risks they face in their lives. Therefore, developing an effective risk communication framework is not solely based on scientific knowledge, but also involves consumer perceptions, the relationship between consumers and risk communicators, as well as regulatory strategies on food safety.


This half-day event aims to:

  • Enhance knowledge on food safety risk communication
  • Understands the key considerations and approaches in risk communication
  • Learn from the experts within the region, as well as the other regions.
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Key topics

  1. Introduction to Food Safety Risk Communication
  2. Codex Guidelines on Food Safety Risk Communication
  3. Key Considerations in Risk Communication
  4. New Concept in Food Information Communication
  5. Science Communication to the Public
  6. Public-Private Partnership in Risk Communication

Featured speakers

  • Prof. Lynn Frewer, Newcastle University, UK
  • Dr. Masami Takeuchi, FAO RAP
  • Ms. Lorraine Haase, FSANZ, Australia
  • Dr. Jun Shi Chen, ILSI Focal Point in China
  • Dr. Lay Ching Chai, University of Malaya, Malaysia
  • Dr. Andrew Powell, Asia BioBusiness Pte. Ltd.


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